Asking the local librarian to buy Christian books

Well, folks, I have been asking librarians, and discover that librarians do indeed respond to requests from their constituents for purchases. Also, it helps to provide support for your request in the form of positive reviews by others.

Becky Miller of A Christian Worldview of Fantasy blog suggests a particular set of books for my sons (older teens) to read. I know there are more that I will be wanting them to read too. So I went to my library Web site, pulled out the email address of the children’s librarian, and wrote her this email:


Are you in charge of Young Adult purchases? I am a resident of Webster Groves who is wishing my 16-year-old sons had access to some Christian fantasy fiction. While there is plenty of fantasy fiction on the young adult shelves, very little of it has a Christian world view, either overtly or subtly.
I would like to suggest purchases for the library’s young adult section from time to time, including links to reviews, so that you can see that the item I am requesting does have a following. This would be easiest to do by email.
If you are willing to entertain these, here is the first one:
the Trophy Chase Trilogy by George Bryan Polivka, published by Harvest House.
There are 18 customer reviews posted on Amazon for you to take a look at. The average rating is 4.5 out of 5.
Please let me know what you think.

Phyllis Wheeler

Webster Groves, MO

2 thoughts on “Asking the local librarian to buy Christian books

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  2. Brandon Barr

    Thanks for what you’re doing!
    Library’s need to have some Christian science fiction
    and fantasy books for boys! There’s just not enough good
    fiction for young men.

    I plan on doing this at my local library.

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