A request to the library to buy Christian graphic novels

This week my son “Mike” and I have been discussing graphic novels. Since my triplet boys are 16, getting old enough to learn to make their own decisions, I have been letting him buy graphic novels as long as they aren’t obviously off-track. He’s been buying and reading a Japanese manga series called Fruits Basket. I had scanned it but not read it. This week I read it and was dismayed to find teen sex condoned. It reads a lot like a soap opera, with a few fantasy elements. Yikes. Time to pester the library for something much better.

I would REALLY like to see some Christian graphic novels available to my boys. This requires that 1) the graphic novels be published, and 2) they be bought by the library, or otherwise made known to my kids.

I didn’t get a response from my email to the library about new books, so I am guessing it got nowhere. So I went to the library (Webster Groves Public Library, Missouri) to ask how I am supposed to make these requests. The librarian pointed me to some little green request slips.

The book I just reviewed, Chosen by Ted Dekker, is also published in a graphic novel format, I discovered. So I am requesting that the library buy this Lost Book graphic novel series. I just made out the request slip. In case you are willing to do this at your library, here is the information:

Author: Ted Dekker

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Title: Lost Book Series: Chosen, Infidel, Renegade, Chaos

Note: Prefer graphic novel versions

7 thoughts on “A request to the library to buy Christian graphic novels

  1. Mirtika

    Have they read Doug TenNapel?
    I strongly recommend Creature Tech,
    Tommysaurus Rex, Earthboy Jacobus, Monster
    Zoo, and most except BLACK CHERRY (which is
    his more graphic one, dealing as it is with
    darker elements and people living in the

    TenNapel is a lauded comics artist, and
    he usually finds a way to put in Christian
    themes/ideas/characters or imagery. It’s
    not necessarily preachy–ie, not intending
    to be just Christian–but it shows.

    I know some Christian publisher had gotten
    into Manga, but I can’t remember who
    (thomas nelson?), or if it was aimed at
    a younger than 16 audience. Hmm.


  2. Sandy


    You might want to check out the Eye Witness series by Robert James Luedke. It’s a unique combination of an action thriller with a Bible adaptation of the passion story through the book of acts. Written for teen to young adult readers who either seek a Christian based form of entertainment in this format, or skeptics who aren’t reading the Bible, nor attending Church, but just look a good story. So far the first three books out of the four book series have been pubublished. The website for more info is: http://www.headpress.info

  3. Michelle Haffer

    Please check you spam email folder because I did indeed reply on
    November 24th to your email regarding Young Adult Christian
    fantasy. I will try to resend the email today. The books
    you requested for purchase are now “on order” and we will
    consider your future recommendations for purchase as well.
    Thank you.

    Michelle Haffer
    Youth Services Manager
    Webster Groves Public Manager

  4. John G. Pierce

    You might want to investigate the website of the Christian
    Comics Arts Society, a coalition of believers who are also
    comics enthusiasts and creators (writers and artists). You
    will be surprised at how much Christian product is available —
    just not easy to find as yet.

  5. Traveler

    Our local Christian bookstore – if you’re in Missoui, it’s the Christian Publisher’s Outlet in Springfield – recently started carrying a bunch of Christain graphic novels. The Tomo series is good, but might be more sutible for girls than teen boys, since the main char is a girl, but there’s battles and an enchanted prince and stuff too. Then there’s the PowerMark series, which is REALLY good, more of a comic book than a graphic novel. Um…The Couragous Princess is amazing, but again, might be better for a girl than a boy (I’m a chick, this is why I’m reading them…) and there are lots of others out there, if you can just find them.

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