I’m reading!

Well, I’ll be writing a review next week of The Book of Names by D. Barkley Briggs, a young adult fantasy work. Stay tuned to see what I think!

I’m also reading another book. In fact I have several now to pick from. I have gone from feeling poor, looking at the library shelves filled with secular fantasy, to feeling rich!!! I’ll be sharing all my riches with you soon.

1 thought on “I’m reading!

  1. Sherry Thompson

    Hi, Phyllis!

    I found my way to your website via Alisha Paige’s site.

    You will shortly have another Christian YA fantasy to read. Did Alisha notify you yet that you won the copy of my “Seabird”? Please email me, so that I can get a shipping address from you.

    Thanks for responding with such enthusiasm to the interview.

    Under the Mercy,


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