Dragons of Starlight by Bryan Davis, Books 1-3

Dragons of Starlight by Bryan Davis, made up of:

Starlighter, Book 1, Zondervan, 2010 (I reviewed it here)
Warrior, Book 2, Zondervan, 2011
Diviner, Book 3, Zondervan, 2011
Book 4: yet to be released

Genre: Christian fantasy/sci-fi, young adult, appealing also to adults

Bryan Davis’s four-book fantasy series Dragons of Starlight tells a tale of heroism across two planets, Starlight and Darksphere. Jason Masters, a teen from Darksphere, realizes that people from his planet have been enslaved on the other. He takes it as his mission to rescue them. After all, he’s a warrior. And he wants to find his brothers, who have gone to Starlight before him to free the slaves and haven’t returned.

Once there, he meets Koren, a human enslaved by dragons on Starlight. Koren’s got some unusual gifts–she’s a starlighter, or “magical” storyteller. Can she help save her people? Does she want to?

After all, she’s enslaved by the prophesied new king of the dragons, who has just hatched from a black egg. He needs her because he is blind, and through a telepathic link he can see through her eyes. Plus, he can torture her at will if she turns away. But the Creator seems to be calling her in a different direction.

Jason’s childhood friend Elyssa accompanies him. She finds that she’s got some starlighter gifts too. Is she willing to risk everything to free these people whom she has never met?

And what about Arxad the dragon? Does his allegiance lie with his overpowering twin brother, or with the humans he knows need his help? Is he a friend or a foe of the slaves?

What do I think?

This is a well-told sprawling tale, with unforgettable characters and surprising plot turns. It’s pretty cool to have two races of sentient beings, one being dragons. With intervention from the Creator at several points, it’s a Christian book. I’m enjoying reading it. I suspect you will too.

5 thoughts on “Dragons of Starlight by Bryan Davis, Books 1-3

  1. TheQuietPen

    I remember seeing The Starlighter series when I worked at a bookstore. It was in the regular YA
    fiction section. The books have beautiful covers! I had no idea the author was Christian!
    I’ll have to give them a look.
    Just FYI, I’ve linked to your website on my blog, as I think it offers an excellent example of quality Christian book reviews.

  2. Laurisa White Reyes

    Thank you for introducing me to some fantasy titles I hadn’t
    heard of before. My own debut middle grade fantasy novel comes
    out in May. As a homeschooler, mother of 5, and a Christian, I
    also prefer books that at the very least support the values and
    morals I am trying to teach my kids. Thanks again.

  3. Phyllis Wheeler

    Now I’ve read Book 4, and I can verify it’s quite an epic tale with several characters who go through metamorphosis. The plot surprised me in a variety of places. I’m recommending this series!

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