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Unless otherwise noted, listings are fantasy works suitable for teens/adults

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* A Cast of Stones by Patrick W. Carrthumbsupthumbsup

* A Draw of Kings by Patrick W. Carrthumbsupthumbsup

* Alice in Wonderland, the Tim Burton movie td

* Angel Eyes by Shannon Dittemorethumbsupthumbsup

* Arana's Visitor by Julie Rollinsthumbsupthumbsup

* Auralia's Colors by Jeffrey Overstreet thumbsupthumbsup

* Avatar, the blockbuster movie

* Avatar, the Last AirBender by Nickelodeon (Middle grade video)

* Avenger by Heather Burch thumbsup

* Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfertd

* Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud td

* Between Two Kingdoms by Joe Boyd (Christian allegory)

* Blaggard's Moon by George Bryan Polivka thumbsupthumbsup

* Book of Days by James L. Rubartthumbsupthumbsup

* Broken Wings by Shannon Dittemore thumbsupthumbsup

* By Darkness Hid by Jill WilliamsonthumbsupthumbsupReviews of sequels

* Captives by Jill Williamsonthumbsupthumbsup

* Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

* Chosen by Ted Dekker (Middle grade)thumbsupthumbsup

* Corus the Champion by D. Barkley Briggs (Middle grade) thumbsupthumbsup

* Cry for the Moon by William Woodall (Middle grade)

* Curse of the Spider King by Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper (middle grade) thumbsupthumbsup

* Daughter of Light by Morgan L. Busse thumbsupthumbsup

* Dawnsinger by Janalyn Voigt thumbsup

* Divine Summons (Windrider Saga Book 1) by Rebecca P. Minor thumbsup

* Diviner by Bryan Davis thumbsupthumbsup

* Dragons of Chiril by Donita K. Paul (formerly The Vanishing Sculptor) (middle grade and up) thumbsupthumbsup

* Dragons of Starlight series by Bryan Davis thumbsupthumbsup

* Dragons of the Valley by Donita K. Paul (middle grade and up)thumbsupthumbsup

* Dragons of the Watch by Donita K. Paul (middle grade and up) thumbsupthumbsup

* Earth Is Not Alone by John Knapp II (Young adult) thumbsup

* Earthbow by Sherry Thompson thumbsupthumbsup

* Endymion Spring by Matthew Skelton (Middle grade)

* Exile by Rachel Starr Thomson thumbsupthumbsup

* Faery Rebels: Spell Hunter by R.J. Anderson (Middle grade girls)thumbsupthumbsup

* Failstate: Legends by John Ottethumbsupthumbsup

* Finding Angel by Kat Heckenbach thumbsupthumbsup

* Firebird by Kathy Tyers thumbsupthumbsup

* Flashpoint by Frank Creedthumbsup

* Forsaken Kingdom: City of Prophecy by Peter Dudek thumbsupthumbsup

* Fortress of Mist by Sigmund Brouwer Middle grade and up thumbsupthumbsup

* Foundlings by Matthew Christian Harding (Read-aloud to the family) tu

* From Darkness Won by Jill Williamson tutu

* Future Savior Book One: Conception by Jennifer L. Hartz (teen and adult romance) tutu

* Haunt of Jackals by Eric Wilson (suspense, not for kids)

* Heroes of Old by Jay L. Youngtu

* Hive by Rachel Starr Thomson tutu

* Hunter Brown and the Secret of the Shadow by Christopher and Allan Miller (Middle grade) thumbsupthumbsup

* League of Superheroes by Stephen Leon Rice tu

* Light of Eidon by Karen Hancock tu

* Lost Mission by Athol Dickson (teen and adult)thumbsupthumbsup

* Martyr's Fire by Sigmund Brouwer thumbsupthumbsup

* Memory's Door by James L. Rubart thumbsupthumbsup

* Merlin's Blade by Robert Treskillard tutu

* Merlin's Shadow by Robert Treskillard tutu

* Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

* Museum of Thieves by Lian Tanner (Middle grade) tutu

* North! Or Be Eaten by Andrew Peterson (Middle grade) thumbsupthumbsup

* Not So Grimm by Becky Haigler (tales for all ages) thumbsup

* Numb by John Ottethumbsupthumbsup

* On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness by Andrew Peterson (Middle grade) thumbsupthumbsup

* Outcasts by Jill Williamsonthumbsupthumbsup

* Oxygen by John B. Olson and Randy Ingermanson thumbsupthumbsup

* Pendragon series by D.J. MacHale (Middle grade)

* Raven's Ladder by Jeffrey Overstreet thumbsupthumbsup

* Rooms by James L. Rubart thumbsupthumbsup

* Rumi and the Savage Mountain by Bradley Roth thumbsupthumbsup

* Sandry's Book by Tamora Pierce (Middle grade)

* Seabird by Sherry Thompson tutu

* Seed of Seerling by Amy Kennedytu

* Seraphina by Rachel Hartman tu

* Son of Truth by Morgan L. Busse tutu

* Sons of God by Rebecca Ellen Kurtz

* Starflower by Anne Elisabeth Stengl tu

* Starlighter by Bryan Davis tu

* Swords of the Six by Scott Appletontu

* Tales of the Dim Knight by Adam and Andrea Graham tu

* Taliesin by Stephen Lawhead tutu

* The Aedyn Chronicles by Alister McGrath (middle grade) tutu

* The Alchemyst: The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel by Michael Scott td

* The Ale Boy's Feast by Jeffrey Overstreet thumbsupthumbsup

* The Book of Names by D. Barkley Briggs (middle grade)thumbsupthumbsup

* The Bone House by Stephen Lawhead thumbsupthumbsup

* The Brueggen Stones (Tarth series) by S.G. Byrd (middle grade)

* The Carol by Mark Brine (an audio book full of music, for all ages) thumbsup

* The Charlatan's Boy by Jonathan Rogers (middle grade) thumbsup

* The Hero's Lot by Patrick W. Carrthumbsupthumbsup

* The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins; sequels

* The Land of Darkness by C.S. Lakin thumbsup

* The Last Guardian by Shane Johnson (Christian Suspense)

* The Legend of the Firefish by George Bryan Polivkathumbsupthumbsup

* The Monster in the Hollows by Andrew Peterson thumbsupthumbsup (no age limit)

* The New Recruit by Jill Williamson thumbsupthumbsup

* The Oerken Leaves by Thomas Clayton Booher thumbsup (middle-grade read-aloud)

* The Orphan King by Sigmund Brouwer Middle grade and up thumbsup

* The Restorer by Sharon Hinck thumbsupthumbsup

* The Restorer's Son by Sharon Hinck thumbsupthumbsup

* The Resurrection by Mike Duran thumbsup

* The Rock of Ivanore by Laurisa White Reyes Middle grade and up thumbsupthumbsup

* The Shadow Lamp by Stephen Lawhead thumbsupthumbsup

* The Skin Map by Stephen Lawhead thumbsupthumbsup

* The Song of Unmaking by D. Barkley Briggs thumbsupthumbsup

* The Spirit Well by Stephen Lawhead thumbsupthumbsup

* The Story in the Stars by Yvonne Anderson (Gateway to Gannah Book 1) thumbsupthumbsup

* The Strange Man by Greg Mitchell

* The Telling by Mike Duran

* The Vanishing Sculptor by Donita K Paul (middle grade and up) thumbsupthumbsup

* The Victor by Marlayne Giron (Christian fantasy/romance) thumbsup

* The Wordsmith, the Kid, and the Electrolux by Clifford Leigh (Christian allegory)

* The Wolf of Tebron by C.S. Lakin (allegory)

* To Darkness Fled by Jill Williamsonthumbsupthumbsup

* Treespeaker by Katie W. Stewart thumbsupthumbsup

* Tuck by Stephen Lawheadthumbsupthumbsup(Semi-historical)

* Vanish by Tom Pawlik (Christian suspense)

* Venom and Song by Wayne Thomas Batson and Christopher Hopper (middle grade) tutu

* Victoria and the Ghost by Janet K. Brownthumbsupthumbsup

* Warrior by Bryan Davis thumbsupthumbsup

* Whales on Stilts by M.T. Anderson (middle grade) tu

* Windrider Saga Book 1, Divine Summons, by Rebecca P. Minor thumbsup

* Words in the Wind (Gateway to Gannah Book 2) by Yvonne Anderson thumbsup

* Worlds Unseen by Rachel Starr Thomson tu


* The Twilight Saga

* Reading Fantasy Can Bring Us Joy

* There ARE New Christian Fantasy Authors Out There...

* Master #1 of the Genre: Tolkien

* Master #2 of the Genre: Lucas

* Master #3 of the Genre: Rowling

* Asking the library to buy Christian graphic novels
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In the Christian Fantasy Review, you will find plenty of Christian book reviews to help you find the best fantasy books for your family.

The purpose of the Christian Fantasy Review is to inform families so that they can discuss the critical issue of worldviews with their teens. We need to teach the skill of discernment to our young people, so that they can recognize worldly themes when they read them.

Some Christians take the position that fantasy is ungodly in and of itself. I don't agree. I think that fantasy can provide a stage where themes of good vs. evil can be played out very effectively. We can use imagination and symbol to communicate great truths.

My views fall into the reformed tradition of Francis Schaeffer, who taught that Christians need to engage their culture, not shrink from it, in order to help shape it. I think that our older teens should be given the tools to indentify worldviews in what they are reading or watching and make judgments.

Note: You may notice that I strongly endorse most of the books I review on this website. That's because the ones I don't like don't make it to the review stage. I just stop reading them.

Enough talking already! Go to blog.

Disclosure: Many of the books I review are sent to me free of charge. However, I do not consider myself beholden because of this. I receive no compensation for my efforts on this blog.


Phyllis Wheeler

I am Phyllis Wheeler, pre-published writer and editor.

I have always had a passion for great fantasy, ever since I read the Lord of the Rings when I was 15.

I've been writing this blog since 2008 and have learned much.

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To submit a book for possible review, please email me through the contact page and supply the first chapter of the book in question.

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